Keir Starmer promises to ‘give Britain its future back’ as he sets out five missions for government | Politics News

Sir Keir Starmer has promised to “give Britain its future back” with a “mission-driven government” as he set out his priorities if he wins power at the next election.

The Labour leader set out five goals which will be at the core of his manifesto.

They are:

  • Secure the highest sustained growth in the G7
  • Build an NHS fit for the future
  • Make Britain’s streets safe
  • Break down the barriers to opportunity at every stage
  • Make Britain a clean energy superpower

In a keynote speech in Manchester, Sir Keir said: “These missions will form the backbone of the Labour manifesto. The pillars of the next Labour government.

“They will be measurable, so we can track progress and be held to account. Long-term so we can look beyond the day-to-day. Informed by experts and the public, so we can build a coalition for change. And each will support our drive for growth. Each will help us get our future back.”

Sir Keir said he is already speaking to experts and business leaders about how he can achieve his goals.

On the economy, he said growth will be “powered by good jobs and stronger productivity in every part of the country”.

On making the UK a clean energy super power, he said the first steps will be to insulate 19 million homes, training people in green jobs and creating Great British Energy – a new, publicly owned company that will generate renewable sources.

Sir Keir said he is “not concerned about whether investment or expertise comes from the public or private sector – I just want to get the job done”.

However, he acknowledged “if the aspiration is merely to replace the public sector while extracting a rent to privatise the profits, that takes us nowhere”.

Sir Keir hit out at the Conservatives for “13 years of sticking plaster politics”, saying this has led to poor economic growth and the crisis in the NHS.

He said: “This is the case for change, a new government and a new way of governing. Britain needs both and with Labour. Britain will get both.”

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