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Next-generation consoles will get a new 3D Sonic the Hedgehog game next year, after Sega teased the prospect on Thursday.

The trailer for the as-yet-unnamed game sees the fearless blue hero running through a forest, leaving a trail of digital effects behind him.

It then cuts to what appears to be a runic-style shape before “2022” appears on screen.

Mysterious runic-shapes appear at the end of the trailer. Pic: Sega
Mysterious runic-shapes appear at the end of the trailer. Pic: Sega

Sonic Teams is behind the new game, who has previously produced Sonic Generations and Sonic Forces, and it will get a release on new consoles the PS5, Xbox Series and Nintendo Switch, as well as PS4, Xbox One and PC.

3D Sonic games such as Forces and Boom were widely panned when they were released, with reviewers and gamers complaining the titles were forgettable with a questionable storyline, so Sega will be looking to get fans back on board with its latest offering.

However, there remains an appetite for content from the world’s favourite quick-footed spiky mammal, with Sega also announcing more games, shows and films at its Sonic Central Stream.

The retro game developer will also remaster Sonic Colours: Ultimate, its 2010 game, for PS4, Switch, PC and Xbox One, as well as release a compilation of the original series which will include Sonic The Hedgehog and its subsequent sequels.

The ring chasing hedgehog will also be popping up in other titles soon too, including Two Point Hospital and a Tokyo Olympics game.

Sonic the Hedgehog has been redesigned after fan criticism. Pic: Paramount Pictures
Sonic the Hedgehog will also get a film sequel next year. Pic: Paramount Pictures

Joining other gaming titles like The Last Of Us and Resident Evil, Sonic will be heading to a streaming service next year too, getting a 24-episode Netflix series called Sonic Prime.

This is alongside the previously announced sequel to the hero’s 2020 live-action film, which saw Jim Carey star as Sonic’s arch-nemesis Dr Robotnik, with comedian Ben Schwartz in the title role.

Sega’s announcements come on the 30th anniversary of the game’s 16-bit inception in 1991, which spawned a world of films, tv shows, toys and games.

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